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Roma Short Film Festival

June 20, 2024


Cinema Multisala Lux

Indirizzo: Via Massaciuccoli, 31, 00199 Roma RM

L'ingresso a questa proiezione è GRATUITO. Tuttavia, a causa della disponibilità limitata dei posti, vi preghiamo di inviarci un'e-mail con il vostro nome completo in modo che possiamo prenotare un posto per voi.

Inserisci "Proiezione del 20 giugno" nella riga dell'oggetto della tua email.
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Entry for this screening is FREE. However, due to limited seat availability, please send us an email with your full name so that we can reserve a seat for you

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Fuori le mura - Andrea Natale, Giuseppe Vincenzo Sciarra
Happy Independence Day - Camila Sagyntkan
Giovanni e la Bicicletta - Gianpaolo Pupillo
Window - Diego Marquez
Out of Body - Joseph Le
Lockedout - Andrea Pecora
Live Bait - Szilárd Demján, Gergő Bárdi
Elin - Ali Sharifi
Aram's Condition - Mehdi Davachi
Booksmart -  Côme Ferré


Photos: Mojtaba Razaghi


Fuori le mura


"Over the Walls" is about the Prati neighborhood, the last of the Roman neighborhoods, the only over the walls.
The film is an immersive journey into this historical area of Rome, generically called "Prati," which includes three distinct areas with different building characteristics and built in different eras: "Prati di Castello," born in the post-Unitarian 19th century expansion; "Prati delle Vittorie," built mainly in the period between the two world wars and in the following decades; and a part of the "Trionfale" neighborhood.
The present, the past and the future told by those who live, work and deeply know this central area of the city.


Happy Independence Day

A fast-forward metaphor for Kazakhstan's path to look for a new identity through the image of a middle-aged man Marat who loses his meaning in life after the death of his love. His dissatisfaction with the new society increases and the fear of remaining unnecessary to anyone scares him. Marat tries to find a new sense of life against all societal, economic, and political changes in the country through work and his son's pride but finds it completely different.



Giovanni e la Bicicletta


Tino has ten minutes to get to work and not to be fired, but the biggest obstacle he will find on his way is himself.




A young man decides to commit suicide and throws himself out of his bedroom window. However, the impact does not kill him. The young man then undertakes a long and arduous journey back to his bedroom, while the outside world seems to ignore his plight.


Out of Body

United States

Out of Body is a short film about a sheltered woman, Lily, who wants to express her sexuality and freedom.

However, she finds herself haunted by a possessed vagrant, whose spirit tries to take over her body. Lily battles her date's growing expectations and the vagrant's body snatching attempts as she tries to retain control of her body.




The phrase we most often heard and found between TV, radio and billboards was: stay home, #stayathome.
But what happens when someone doesn't have a home? And in particular, they, how were they warned?
Everything starts from a need that stems from Andrea's will to find a different story from what in these days has become an obsolete vision: from balconies full of people to deserted streets seen from above by the mechanical eye of the various drones.
Mario and Barbara tell us the morning they woke up and from being invisible to the city, the city has become invisible to them.
A homeless couple who face the prohibition to be in the street during this quarantine shows us through their eyes a different, silent and suspended Milan.


Live Bait


While fishing, the grandfather gives his grandson a speech about the closed world of the baits in a jar.
He is explaining in a few words how the bait in the jar stay alive. By strength or luck, just like us humans.
The little boy looks at the jar and listens to his grandfather in silence, seemingly unaffected, uninterested in the story.
However, when he arrives home, he makes a decision.
He does not want to accept a world in which either force or luck decides our fate.




Surrounded by remnants and reminders of her past, a woman struggles to walk a line between remembering and letting go.

Elin_Poster (1).jpg



ince he wants to know everything about everything, this 8 years old boy spend all of his time reading books.
But there are things no book can explain...


Aram's Condition

Aram is trapped in the boys' dormitory.


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Giovanni e la Bicicletta
Fuori le mura
Live Bait
Happy Independence Day
Aram's Condition
Out of Body

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